for oboe, viola, and Irish harpe (2005)

Premier:Septembre 16th, 2005
@ Bunka Shutter BX hall, tokyo.

Musicians: Shinjiro Kawamoto (oboe), Hironori Nakamura (viola), Keisuke Teramoto (Irish harp)

le grain du temps

for 13 musicians (2011)
(1-1-1-1 / 1-1-1-0 / 1 perc. / 1-1-1-1-1)

Premier: July 13h 2011 at Centre Acantes, Metz Lorraine National Orchestra, dir. Jean Deroyer, Duration : 8 min.

“When I started this piece, I have researched on the combination of meters, particularly on the multi or poly meters. Influenced by Paul Creston, the American composer who wrote a book for rhythm trait, I have considered the musical gesture in this domain, mainly for the search of appropriate figures for the grand ensemble. And the other side, the notion of grain which I leaned at the electroacoustic music where we use this term to indicate the particle of sounds moving, it has affect me and I started from this sense to realize my interest for the gestural music in this partition.” *

quotes from the program note (original : french)

plat du jour

for clarinet ensemble, ensemble de clarinettes (2007)

Created by Yasuaki Itakura, l’ensemble ECLAT
Commande: Ensemble Eclat

July 21th 2007, 15:00-
@Actas Nonaka Anna Hall, Shibuya-Tokyo.

Menuet on the name of Haydn

orchestration of Ravel’s Piano work (2011)
(2-2-2-2 / 2-2-0-0 / harp / 4-3-4-2-1)

Premier: November 2011
Recording: Plateau 1, Paris Conservatoire
Musicians: Orchestra of graduate students of Paris Conservatoire