Choral Suite for Mixed Voices, 2 Pianos, Percussion and electronics “Soil and Fire”

TAJIMI CHOIR JAPAN 49th “Earth and Fire” Subscription Concert
event date
January 29, 2023 (Sunday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)

Great Hall, Valor Culture Hall

Choral Suite for Mixed Choir, 2 Pianos and Percussion 《Earth and Fire》
Lyric: Yoshihiro Ito
Composition: Keita Matsumiya

Conductor / Yoko Tsuge
Chorus / TAJIMI CHOIR JAPAN Tajimi Boys and Girls Choir and Senior Core
Piano / Atsushi Kitazumi, Tomoya Furuta
Percussion / Yumi Mizuma
Electronic Sound / Keita Matsumiya

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.5

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.5

Date: January 13 (Fri) 18:00 start (17:30 open)
Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Yuno Miura / Beats (2023)
Yui Iwashita / imagination (2023)
Niko Sato / Geometric (2023)
Rintaro Takahashi / Events at Night (2023)
Tatsuya Sugiyama / Look (2023)
Ryumei Edatsugu / Foggy day (2023)
Mai Irie / ambivalence (2023)
Satsuki Hashimoto / Seawater (2023)
Saki Hidaka / Chicory (2023)

Composers exhibition 2022

Date and time: Saturday, November 5, 16:30 start (doors open at 15:30)

Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Ryumei Edatsugu « Seiu » for trumpet and piano (2022)
Performed by Kana Miyoshi (trumpet) and Hironobu Kise (piano)

Karin Tobaru, Maurice Ravel : Arrangement of 2 movements from « Sonatine » (2022)
Performed by: Akari Noda (flute), Misai Asano (oboe), Onaga Ayano (clarinet), Hiroto Sato (saxophone), Hinako Kado (bassoon), Satsuki Hashimoto (piano)

Daiki Higa, Arnold Schoenberg: « Six Piano Pieces Op.19 » Arrangement (2022)
Performed by: Makoto Kawaguchi (clarinet), Tatsuya Sugiyama (bassoon), Kana Miyoshi (trumpet), Kazuto Sato (trombone), Hiromochi Kise (piano), Daiki Higa (conductor)

Mai Irie, Sergei Prokofiev : 2nd movement from «Piano Sonata No.2 Op.14» Arrangement(2022)
Performed by: Yuki Goto (oboe), Nanako Tabata (clarinet), Tatsuya Sugiyama (bassoon), Rino Tsuboi (piano), Miyu Fujisaki (piano)

Keita Matsumiya « Streptocarpus » for clarinet and piano (2010, 2022 adaptation)
Performance: Yuki Maeda (clarinet) Yui Fushiki (piano)

three views of the keyboard

The piano: with its 52 white and 36 black keys, the piano continues to attract many musicians for its wide range and deep musicality. The “Three Views of the Keyboard” project is centred around the piano as an instrument and looks at the history, present, and future of cutting-edge keyboard music using acoustic, prepared, and electronic methods.
This series of concerts follows on from “Feldman meets freq”, which took place in February 2022. Enjoy the music of outstanding composers and performers from the Kyushu University’s Faculty of Design and from around the world. We will be very happy if you can see another side of the keyboard in a new light.

Part 2: “Hyper Piano: Beyond the Keyboard”
Date: October 30, 2022 (Sun) 16:00 start, 15:30 open
Performers: Reina Nishioka (piano), Keita Matsumiya, art student (electronics)
Program :
John Cage “Bacchanale” for prepared piano (1940)
Keita Matsumiya “Shitatari” for hybrid piano (2019)
Cassandra Miller “Philip the Wanderer” Piano and Page Turner (2013)
Cage, “Music for Marcel Duchamp” for prepared piano (1947)
Jonathan Harvey “Tombeau de Messiaen” for piano and tape (1994)
Michael Pisaro “fields have ears (1)” for piano and tape (2008)

After Talk: Reina Nishioka, Keita Matsumiya, Kazuhiro Jo, Daryl Semison

Art&Technology —Resonance between A and T changes the way we see the world—

This symposium will focus on A (art) and T (technology) of STEAM education. In the first half, Mr. Sada Fujioka, representative of anno lab, who produced the “Heterogeneous Museum of Nature and People” in Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture, Mr. Keita Matsumiya, a composer who explores the future of mixed music and the hybridization of instruments; Ms. Sanae Yoshinaga, who studies children’s exploratory behavior through , will provide a topic. The second half will be coordinated by Mr. Hiroo Shimogori of National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College, and we will deepen the discussion on the correspondence between A (art) and T (technology) and how to view the world.

● On-site venue: KATETE / 2-1-23 Hagiwara, Oita City

Click here for the venue


◯ Mr. Sadamu Fujioka
CEO of anno lab Co., Ltd. / Artist
Theme: Technology and art

◯ Mr. Keita Matsumiya
Composer / Lecturer at Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture
Theme: Periphery of Recording and Writing in Music Production

◯ Ms. Sanae Yoshinaga
Vice President, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University / Professor, Graduate School of Human Life Studies
Theme: “Feel, Think, Express” Children’s World

● Coordinator

◯ Mr. Akio Shimogoori

Hakodate National College of Technology Professor

● General moderator

◯Yoshihiko Shimizu

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Oita University / Oita University STEAM Lab.

◯ Opening remarks, purpose explanation (15 minutes)
◯Provide topic of symposium (20 minutes x 3 people)
◯ Break (15 minutes)
◯ Q&A/Discussion (50 minutes)
◯ Summary and closing remarks (10 minutes)

Concert of Electroacoustic Music Vol.4

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.4

Date: January 14 (Friday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)
Venue: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Program :
expedition (2022) composition and performance: Karin Tobaru
#001 (2022) composition and performance: Daiki Higa
Albtraum (2022) composition and performance: Ryuji Kaku
Sleeping in the sea (2022) composition and performance: Ichika Haseba
DJ.G☆O☆U☆D☆A (2022) composition and performance: Motoki Matsui
Kuon (2022) composition and performance: Urara Mori
continuo (2022) composition and performance: Miyu Okada
Let’s dance in Chinese town (2022) composition and performance: Yumi Sasaki
May rain (2021) composition and performance: Keita Matsumiya, Drum performance: Ryuji Kaku


Composers exhibition 2021

Date: November 6th (Sat) 16:30 start (15:30 open)
Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall
Reservation / Inquiries: Music Department Assistant Room 097-545-8758

«Leucojum» For flute, cello, piano and percussion (2021)
Composer: Ichika Haseba
Flute: Yoto Sakuma Cello: Miyu Okada Percussion: Yamato Tajima Piano: Hiromi Kise

«Goose» For Piano (2021)
Composer: Miyu Okada
Piano: Mori Urara

«Nyon-nyo» for flute, oboe, bassoon, trombone, contrabass (2020)
Composer: Miyu Okada
Flute: Ayuna Nishioka Oboe: Erika Tanaka Bassoon: Nozomi Kawabata Trombone: Remi Takahashi Contrabass: Sayo Yoshihara

«Presto» for Piano (2013)
Composer: Takashi Haga
Piano: Yui Fushiki

«TOYO» For flute, bassoon, piano (2010)
Composer: Hirohiko Tamura
Flute: Asuka Matsui Bassoon: Kana Fujita Piano: Kiyoka Kazama

«Samidare» for snare drums and electronic sound (2021)
Composition / Electronic Sound: Keita Matsumiya
Snare drum: Ryuji Kaku

Born creative Festival 2021 – Electroacoustic music “Waves”

Born creative Festival 2021
Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
Saturday, October 2nd, 11:00~19:00 (enter/exit free)

Keita Matsumiya – Electroacoustic music “Waves”

electronic music room
Venue: Atelier East, Atelier West
Acousmonium (electro-acoustic music performance device) player Tomoya Higaki designed the acoustic space with Michel Bocanowski as the main composer, as well as works by Shohei Amimori, Hideki Umezawa, YOSHI WADA, and others. There are a lot of new works by young artists.

Concert of Electroacoustic Music Vol.3

Date: January 15, 2021 (Friday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)
Location: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Programme :
《Sound of bells and spirited away》 Composition / performance: Momo Arimura
《Five》 Composition / Performance: Mai Irie
《Combination》 Composition / Performance: Miyu Fujisaki
《Sigh》 Composition / Performance: Urara Mori
《Beginning》 Composition / Performance: Ichika Haseba
《Somehow there is a taste of poetry》 Composition / Performance: Junichi Kidera
《Stray》 Composition / Performance: Kanon Nishigaki
《Drowning Dream》 Composition / Performance: Itsuki Uchida
《B.A.B.U.N.》 Composition / Performance: Miyu Okada
《Playful Fairy》 Composition / Performance: Yumi Yamamoto
《C’est bon》 Composition / Performance: Yumi Sasaki
《Underwater Bridge》 For hybrid violin Composition: Keita Matsumiya
Performance: Mayumi Kawase

Duo’s Attempt | Saxophone Haruka Inoue ✖︎ Percussion Mariko Nishioka

[Kyoto performance]
January 16, 2021 (Sat) 18:30 start (18:00 open)
Kyoto Art Center 2F Auditorium 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Muromachi-dori Takoyakushi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156
5 minutes walk from Exits 22 and 24 of “Shijo Station” on the Subway Karasuma Line and “Karasuma Station” on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

[Tokyo performance]
January 22, 2021 (Friday) 18:00 start (17:30 opening)
Tokyo Concerts Lab 2-3-18 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051
6 minutes walk from “Waseda Station” on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (from Exits 2 and 3b toward Anahachiman Shrine)
10 minutes walk from “Nishi-Waseda Station” on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line (Exit 2)


・ Luis Naon / ALTO VOLTANGO (2001)
・ Simon Steen-Andersen / Study (1998)
・ Philippe Leroux / AIRS (1992)
・ Astor Piazzolla / History of Tango (1982)
・ Gene Koshinski / Get it! (2011)
・ Keita Matsumiya / dialogos pour saxophone baryton (2010)
・ Kazutomo Yamamoto / “Smiling Density” for Percussion Solo (2017)

Recital of Haruka Inoue 2020

November 19, 2020 (Thursday) 19:00 start (18:30 open)

Higashi Osaka City Cultural Creation Center Jato Harmony Small Hall
Program: Keita Matsumiya (5 pieces “Deviation” for baritone saxophone and guitar),
Gubaidulina (Duo Sonata)
Saint-Saens (Bassoon Sonata)
Myaskovsky (Cello Sonata No. 1) and others

Co-stars: Makiko Yamaguchi (pf), Yoshito Dobashi (gt), Nozomi Sakai (sax)

Tickets: General 3,000 yen, students 2,000 yen

11/7/2020 Composers exhibition, Geitan Music Comprehensive Course

Date: November 7th (Sat) 16:30 start (15:30 open)

Location: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

(1st year of junior college) Ichika Haseba
«Weathercock» for violin and piano (2020)
Performance: Kain Kabata (violin), Urara Mori (piano)

(2nd year of junior college) Yumi Yamamoto
«Moon in the water, light illuminating the lake» for trumpet and piano (2020)
Performance: Kanon Nishigaki (trumpet, flugelhorn), Yukie Ito (piano)

(2nd year of junior college) Miyu Okada
«Sepia-style pendulum» for violin, cello and piano (2020)
Performance: Sayuri Sakamoto (violin), Rina Kawano (cello), Yuka Kajiwara (piano)

(2nd year of junior college) Itsuki Uchida
«Circus» for mixed chorus and piano (2020)
Performance: Yuna Tsukamoto, Hinata Maki, Yumi Sasaki, Tomoe Sugio
Yu Harayama, Yamato Masuda, Gun Takakura, Hikaru Ito (chorus)
Ami Akamine (piano), Keita Matsumiya (conductor)

(Professor) Keita Matsumiya
«Underwater Bridge» for Violin and Electronic Acoustics (2020)
Performance: Mayumi Kawase (violin), Keita Matsumiya (electronics)

New York : The Aspect of Minimalism

Philip Glass Concerto for Harpsichord

Harpsichord: Akemi Karashima
Clarinet: Sayo Matsubayashi, Miho Sato, Kaho Goto, Etsuko Yamaguchi
Arrangement and Direction: Keita Matsumiya

@Oita City Museum January 26, 2010
Organized by Oita City Citizen Collaboration Promotion Section

Electroacoustic music concert vol.2

Electroacoustic music concert vol.2
2020.1.17 (Fri) early 6:00 p.m. / open 5:30 p.m.
Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music, Music Hall

Uchida Itsuki / Wide from Ceramics (2020) 1st year of college, electroacoustic music
Miyu Okada / P.A.F.U.N. (2020) 1st year of college, electroacoustic music
Reon Sueshita / Sleep (2020) 2nd year junior college Electroacoustic music
Keita Matsumiya / Shitari (2019) professor, mixed music
Luc Ferrari / Study of accidents (1958)
Luc Ferrari / Study with tense sounds (1958)
Christian Zanési / Arkheion, the voices of Pierre Schaeffer (1996)
Piano: Yukiko Miyazaki
Acousmonium: Hiromi Watanabe

12/3/2019 Gen-on Music of Our Time 2019

Pegasus Concert Series Vol.I
Mamiko Someda (harpsichord) Wander Pearl
2019/12/3 Tuesday 18:30 Open 19:00 Concert

(1) Hiromi Kaneko : A gears by Greek folk songs (2006)
(2) Kikuko Masumoto : The daily transition (2018)
(3) Jean-Patrick Besingrand : Escape the Shadows (2019) world premiere
(4) Hiromi Kaneko : B Gears by Greek folk songs (2006)
(5) Giles Farnaby : Toy Giles Farnaby’s Dream
(6) Hibiki Mukai : Bisyojo Kakumei: Tensei (2019) world premiere
(7) György Ligeti : Passacaglia ungherese (1978)
(8) Jean = Henri D’Anglebert : Prelude in G minor (1689)
(9) Keita Matsumiya : Tribute to D’Anglebert (2011/2019) Japanese creation

(1) – (6) Temperate range (7) mesotonic (8) Kirnberger
(9) Mesotonic and Kirnberger (6) (9) Harpsichord and electronics

Mamiko Someda (Harpsichord)
Yukihiro Shimamura (Electronics)

11/2/2019 Composers exhibition, Geitan Festa Music Comprehensive Course

(first year) Itsuki Uchida: “duel time” for horn, violin and piano (2019) world premier
Riona Inoue (horn) Yukimi Tomomatsu (violin) Yuka Kajiwara (piano)

(first year) Miyu Okada: “A-un” for two pianos (2019) world premier
Kiyoka Kazama (piano), Maria Hashimoto (piano)

(first year) Yumi Yamamoto: “To the next seed” for saxophone quintet (2019) world premier
Taisei Kubo, Yuria Otsuka, Rika Iwamoto, Natsumi Sakamoto, Akira Tokunaga

(second year) Arisa Kaida: “Kaleidoscope” for clarinet and piano (2018) world premier
Wakana Fukui (clarinet), Ayaka Yanase (piano)

(second year) Ayaka Yanase: “Masquerade” for four hands (2019) world premier
Natsumi Tamura (piano), Nana Murakami (piano)

(alumni) Yukina Ebata: “Seni” for Choir, piano and video (2019) world premier
Mayu Yamaguchi, Natsumi Ogo, Haruna Sakai, Tika Yamashita, Furuya Subaru, Toshinori Matsumoto, Gun Takakura, Shingo Yoshino (Chorus), Aoi Yukizaki (piano)

(junior associate professor) Keita Matsumiya
“Pentacle” for piano (2018) Japanese premier
Kosuke Kita (piano)

8/17/2019 Village Sound Concert 2019, Atsushi Kitazumi Piano Concert

J.S.Bach : French Suites No. 5 in G major, BWV 816 (1723)
Robert Schumann : Novellettes opus 8 eighth piece (1838)
Claude Debussy : L’Isle joyeuse (1904)
Keita Matsumiya : Shitatari (2019)

Atsushi Kitazumi : Piano
Keita Matsumiya : Electronic

Organization : Hida City
Support : School Board of Hida City
Planning : Kanda Laboratory, Department of Sculpture, Aichi University of Prefectural Arts

7/18/2019 Today’s music for piano and marimba

Tsubasa Tanaka : Alchimie Cellulaire for Piano (2017)
Philippe Hurel : LoopsIV for marimba (2005)
Toshi Ichiyanagi : Paganini Personal Marimba and Piano (1982)
Tsubasa Tanaka : Etude in Interval Scale {5,6,7} for Marimba (2013/2019)
Keita Matsumiya : Shitatari for hybrid piano (2019) world premier

Piano Yukiko Miyazaki
Marimba Akiko Shimada
Electronic Keita Matsumiya

Organization : KitaKyusyu Music Association’s 30th Anniversary Festival
Place : Kurosaki Hibishin Hall, Kitakyusyu City

Keita Matsumiya : Shitatari for hybrid piano

This piece, created during the Kitakyushu Music Association’s 30th anniversary concert in July 2019, was produced on April 2018 with a special research fund from the Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture. This work is a continuous study on hybrid instruments that I have practiced from a training in composition at IRCAM and activities at the Ensemble Regards. This mixed music was produced as an orchestration of the murmurs of water, Shitatari , obtained by recording on Oka-jo Castle in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture. It is a live-electronics work which is modulated by a microphone installed in a piano by vibrating a soundboard of this piano using exciters. And also it is a work of chamber music produced by playing the piano and electronics. Through the production of the work, I tried to explore the potential of hybrid instruments, through a desire for musical expression that integrates the advantages of two different forms of writing, instruments and electroacoustics.

5/27/2019 Concert for the opening of a new auditorium at Oita College of Arts and Culture

Keita Matsumiya : Fanfare pour le pay de fertille (2019) world premier
Johannes Brahms : Academic Festival Overture (1880)
Rentarō Taki, Arisa Kaida (orchestration) : Hana (1900/2019) world premier
Rentarō Taki, Ayaka Yanase (orchestration) : Kōjō no Tsuki (1901/2019) world premier
Akira Nakada, Yukina Ebata (orchestration) : Sōshunhu (1913/2019) world premier
Edward William Elgar : Pomp and Circumstance (1904)

Oita College of the arts and culture Orchestra, Shinji Morita (conductor), Concert for the opening of a new auditorium at Oita College of Arts and Culture, Oita