Reembodied Sound 2024

Transducer Concert
Reembodied Sound 2024
Reembodied Sound 2024 concludes with a concert of transducer-based works which span performance practices and genres, showcasing the breadth of musical possibilities for the technology.

Matthew Goodheart
Assemblage No. 1 is an interactive work for transducer-actuated metal percussion and solo improviser. Assembled from bits of code, mapping techniques, generative algorithms, and performer-generated samples taken from reembodied sound compositions of the last decade, the work reshapes, recontextualizes, and reframes this history within a new and unpredictable improvisational environment.
Stuart Jackson
Coefficient is an electronic work, the product of electroacoustic transducers and special microphones. A variable feedback system between the two elements is influenced and changed by the performance of frictional sounds by a percussionist. A distinction is made between those sounds produced by friction, and those produced by impact.
Seth Cluett
the interior of objects explores the drum as a site-specific acoustic space. In this work, a tactile transducer is placed on the underside of the drum head opposite a piezo microphone. Tones derived from the physical acoustics of the membrane set the head in motion, these tones are joined by feedback frequencies whose amplitude is restrained by a limiter. The nodes and antinodes of the drum head become a performable topography the performer can explore through the compositional form.
James O’Callaghan
Sara Constant, Flute
Doubt is a way of knowing, co-commissioned by Jeffrey Stonehouse and Mark McGregor, is part of a series of pieces for soloists where electronics are diffused through a double of the soloist’s instrument. The piece is an examination of counterfactuals and simultaneous emotional reactions where one experiences a split self.
Keita Matsumiya
This composition is a mixed music piece created by orchestrating the sound of water droplets recorded in the field. It involves using transducers to resonate the piano soundboard and live modulation of the piano and electronic acoustics through a pickup microphone, resulting in a live electronics/chamber music composition, aiming to integrate the strengths of both descriptive, recording, and improvisational elements.
Moon Ha
reciprocal response is a musical system based on the (re)cycling idea, which has been my inspiration for creative works for over a decade. This is designed to be executed by my students at new_LOrk, New York University’s Laptop Orchestra, to utilize the tactile transformation of energy into signals and sounds. The members of new_LOrk include Ahmir Phillips, Chloe Yang, Jerry Huang, Devin Park, and Jailen Mitchell.
Gadi Sassoon
Bionico was originally created as an installation at Sónar in Barcelona, and later developed into a quadraphonic piece at Elektron Musik Studion in Stockholm, where Gadi used a prepared metal plate with a large transducer to create feedback loops for physical models and strings. The live performance of Bionico uses four resonating sculptures attached to transducers that augment Gadi’s live electric violin. The cuts on the plates change the resonating modes of each sculpture.
Alyssa Wixson
June Cummings, Percussion
The sounding objects used in this piece are connected in a web of resonance and feedback analogous to the intricate ecosystems present in tide pools. It took shape over many hours of sonic exploration with percussionist June Cummings; creating the piece with her has been a joy.
Main Image: Studio 1—Goodman at EMPAC. Photo: Kris Qua.

Festival Sonomundo, Paris 2023/11/23, 24, 25

Drawing their strength from a taste for experimentation and sharing, Omar Nicho and Iñaki Bermudez are two young musicians who are complicit and eager to discover all the riches of the combination of the guitar and the saxophone.

Their creativity will be expressed through an escape to Asia and the interpretation of works by Japanese composers of our time: Fuminori Tanada, Tōru Takemitsu and Keita Matsumiya.

This evening putting transcultural dialogue at the center of the program, they also asked Imsu Choi, young composer of South Korean origin in residence, to compose a new musical work for their duo.

Fuminori Tanada : Mysterious morning for saxophone soprano
Imsu Choi : Allure for saxophone and guitare
Tōru Takemitsu : In the woods for guitare
Keita Matsumiya : Déviation for saxophone and guitare

Iñaki Bermudez, saxophone
Omar Nicho, guitare

AFJMC 10th Anniversary Concert 2023, 11/28

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 19:00 start (doors open at 18:30)
Suginami Public Hall Small Hall (get off at Ogikubo Station on JR Chuo Line )

Masayuki Nagatomi: Three essences
Emi Maeda: L’endroit et L’envers (world premiere)
Alain Gausaint: Eau-forte
Wataru Miyagawa: En Spirale (World Premiere)
Akira Tamba: Sonata for flute and piano
Yumiko Yokoi: You were not there, not there, you (Japan premiere)

Benjamin Ataire: De l’obscurité II
Keita Matsumiya: Sagittaria trifolia (world premiere)
Florent Caron-Dallas: Rives (Japan premiere)
Masakazu Natsuda: Beau soir (world premiere)
Ryo Dainobu: The Hearing Hand (World Premiere)

Kanako Abe, Masakazu Natsuda (conductor) / Mari Kobayashi (mezzo-soprano)
Takahiro Uchiyama (flute) / Ikuko Suzuki (clarinet) / Masaki Oishi (saxophone) / Mai Fukui (harp)
Ayane Kawamura (violin) / Fumiko Kai (violin, viola) / Michiko Fukuda (viola) / Takui Matsumoto (cello)
Yumi Oikawa, Kaori Osuga, Tomoya Okamoto, Masanobu Shinoda (piano)

General: 3,000 yen Association members: 2,500 yen Students: 2,000 yen (500 yen each on the day)

Japan-French Contemporary Music Association Secretariat:

Sponsored by: Japan-French Contemporary Music Association
Grant: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Arts Council Tokyo [Tokyo Arts and Culture Creation Dissemination Grant]

Dairakudakan Kochuten Butoh Performance “ASURA” 2023, 10/27-10/29

Dance: Naomi Muku, Azusa Fujimoto, Yang Jongye, Yuna Saimon, Mai Taniguchi, Misako Taniguchi, Kenta Sakazume, Keita Arai, Erika Ishii

Supervisor: Akaji Maro
Music: Keita Matsumiya
Stage Director: Kazuhiko Nakahara
Lighting: Genta Iwamura (GLW)
Naoki Kinoshita (Factor)
Sound: Norimasa Ushikawa
Costumes: Mika Tominaga
Advertising photo: Jean Couturier / Arawa Inoue
Advertising art: Taiga Koshiyama
Production: Yoshihiro Kim
Producer: Yoko Niifune
Organizer: Camel Arts Co., Ltd.
Affiliation: NPO Theater Creation Network/Za Koenji
Production cooperation: Dairakudakan
Cooperation: I-NET Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: Dairakudakan 0422-21-4984
Za-Koenji 1
TEL 03-3223-7500
5 minutes walk from JR Koenji Station North Exit

Ticket release date
August 25, 2023 (Friday) 10:00~
Ticket price Preschool children not available
All seats reserved/tax included; advance/same day
General : 4,000 yen
U24: 2,500 yen *Certificate must be presented on the day *Dairakudakan only available

Ticket handling
・TEL 0422-21-4984 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)
●Za/Koenji Ticket Box (closed on Mondays)
・TEL 03-3223-7300 (10:00-18:00)/window (10:00-19:00)
・ (24 days open every day)
* You can also use the theater ticket “Namichike” at Za Koenji.

Recital of Mamiko Someda Vol4, 8/31, 9/8

Nao Kukiyama: Falling Water Flowing Flowers
(harpsichord solo) commissioned work

Dai Fujikura: Jack
(harpsichord solo) commissioned work

Keita Matsumiya: One up
(hybrid harpsichord + electronics) commissioned work

Tristan -Patrice Challulau: Camarette fermentations…
(harpsichord + recorder) Japan premiere

Kaija Saariaho: Jardin Secret II
(harpsichord + electronics)

Organized by Clariis Project
Grants The Nomura Foundation
Recorder Hideki Morimoto

Electronics Juntoshi Arima Keita Matsumiya

Harpsichord Mamiko Someda

Sales period
2023/3/5 (Sun) 00:00 – 2023/8/30 (Wed) 20:00

contact information
*Parking available
Parking fee: Free Capable of accommodating 170 cars

*If you have a student ticket, please present your student ID card at the reception.

*Please refrain from entering preschool children.

Contact information

(Français) Concert autour de la musique japonaise d’aujourd’hui no.6, le 15 juin 2023

“Around Japanese Music Today / no.6”

Concert at the House of Culture of Japan in Paris
Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

For the 6th part of this musical cycle, the shakuhachi and the koto are in the spotlight. New works by two composers of different generations, Masakazu Natsuda and Tetsuya Yamamoto, will be performed in world premiere. We will see how these former students of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris and the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon brought these emblematic instruments of Japanese music to new territories.


Shakuhachi and koto improvisation

Masakazu Natsuda (1968- )
Minazuki no yû for shakuhachi (2023, world premiere)

Keita Matsumiya (1980- )
Iroha for utai and koto (2012)

Ittetsu Shimizu (1976- )
「Visio/ nmbra viveis lucis for koto solo」(2009)

Tetsuya Yamamoto (1989- )
Autumn fragments, or traces – for shakuhachi and koto (2023, world premiere)

Date/ 06/14/2023 18:30-19:30
Rental/ Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris (small room)
Price/ 5 Euros

For more information, you can click the link below agenda/katsura-creasion-shakuhachi-fumie-hihara-koto?fbclid=IwAR1Vg7Jh5cGGc-IuQwqIAQkeHZ16rlfzHq0JrLQZUMhDmwFyA9YtvtvTWJM
Co-production/: House of Culture of Japan in Paris, Franco-Japanese Association for Contemporary Music

Tokyo23 3D Sound & Art Festival, 2023/5/12, 5/13

Gregory’s garden
“Tokyo23 3D Sound & Art Festival”
Date: from 12 (Friday) to 13 (Saturday) May 2023

Participating artists:

Guest composer: Stéphane de Gerlando

Composers: Keita Matsumiya, Maay Yamazaki, Yuzu Katane, tomozuin-h, Yoshihiro Kawagoe, Kaori Tsutsui

Artists: Satoshi Mizuno, Ikuko Fukui, Chikako Tachibana (coordinator)
Performers: Masato Morris (bassoon), Kazumi Suzuki (flute), Yuzu Katane (guitar), Kaoru Nishimura (clarinet)

Performers (recording help for the master classes): Takako Imai (flute), Aiki Kitajima (cello), Yoko Ishikawa (harpsichord), Maya Nozaki (flauto traverso), Kaori Tsutsui (recorder, dragon flute), Mikifumi Kuno (lute).

6 speakers are installed in the hall, performers are equipped with micro sensors, and 3D sound art is achieved through a 3D sound program and art festival, a concert in a virtual space where sound can be seen with the naked eye, and a new artistic creation aimed at sound installations on street corners.

Tajimi City Disaster Prevention Radio “From Here”, 2023/4/1-4/30

・Name: Tajimi City Broadcasting System, 60MHz Band Digital Disaster Prevention Administration Radio Equipment
・Rumbling time: April 2023
・Speaker: TOA disaster prevention reflex x 2, right x 2
・Mast: Ace mast green paint
・Antenna: 3-element Yagi
・Control box: OKI Digital
・Identification name: Kouhou Tajimi
・Radio/Frequency: Digital Broadcast System
・Ring time: 18:00 + 3 seconds
・In commemoration of the creation of a 30-minute choral suite set in the city, it will be performed in a music box-style arrangement for a limited time until April 30 for publicity purposes.

Choral Suite for Mixed Voices, 2 Pianos, Percussion and electronics “Soil and Fire”

TAJIMI CHOIR JAPAN 49th “Earth and Fire” Subscription Concert
event date
January 29, 2023 (Sunday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)

Great Hall, Valor Culture Hall

Choral Suite for Mixed Choir, 2 Pianos and Percussion 《Earth and Fire》
Lyric: Yoshihiro Ito
Composition: Keita Matsumiya

Conductor / Yoko Tsuge
Chorus / TAJIMI CHOIR JAPAN Tajimi Boys and Girls Choir and Senior Core
Piano / Atsushi Kitazumi, Tomoya Furuta
Percussion / Yumi Mizuma
Electronic Sound / Keita Matsumiya

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.5

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.5

Date: January 13 (Fri) 18:00 start (17:30 open)
Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Yuno Miura / Beats (2023)
Yui Iwashita / imagination (2023)
Niko Sato / Geometric (2023)
Rintaro Takahashi / Events at Night (2023)
Tatsuya Sugiyama / Look (2023)
Ryumei Edatsugu / Foggy day (2023)
Mai Irie / ambivalence (2023)
Satsuki Hashimoto / Seawater (2023)
Saki Hidaka / Chicory (2023)

Composers exhibition 2022

Date and time: Saturday, November 5, 16:30 start (doors open at 15:30)

Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Ryumei Edatsugu « Seiu » for trumpet and piano (2022)
Performed by Kana Miyoshi (trumpet) and Hironobu Kise (piano)

Karin Tobaru, Maurice Ravel : Arrangement of 2 movements from « Sonatine » (2022)
Performed by: Akari Noda (flute), Misai Asano (oboe), Onaga Ayano (clarinet), Hiroto Sato (saxophone), Hinako Kado (bassoon), Satsuki Hashimoto (piano)

Daiki Higa, Arnold Schoenberg: « Six Piano Pieces Op.19 » Arrangement (2022)
Performed by: Makoto Kawaguchi (clarinet), Tatsuya Sugiyama (bassoon), Kana Miyoshi (trumpet), Kazuto Sato (trombone), Hiromochi Kise (piano), Daiki Higa (conductor)

Mai Irie, Sergei Prokofiev : 2nd movement from «Piano Sonata No.2 Op.14» Arrangement(2022)
Performed by: Yuki Goto (oboe), Nanako Tabata (clarinet), Tatsuya Sugiyama (bassoon), Rino Tsuboi (piano), Miyu Fujisaki (piano)

Keita Matsumiya « Streptocarpus » for clarinet and piano (2010, 2022 adaptation)
Performance: Yuki Maeda (clarinet) Yui Fushiki (piano)

three views of the keyboard

The piano: with its 52 white and 36 black keys, the piano continues to attract many musicians for its wide range and deep musicality. The “Three Views of the Keyboard” project is centred around the piano as an instrument and looks at the history, present, and future of cutting-edge keyboard music using acoustic, prepared, and electronic methods.
This series of concerts follows on from “Feldman meets freq”, which took place in February 2022. Enjoy the music of outstanding composers and performers from the Kyushu University’s Faculty of Design and from around the world. We will be very happy if you can see another side of the keyboard in a new light.

Part 2: “Hyper Piano: Beyond the Keyboard”
Date: October 30, 2022 (Sun) 16:00 start, 15:30 open
Performers: Reina Nishioka (piano), Keita Matsumiya, art student (electronics)
Program :
John Cage “Bacchanale” for prepared piano (1940)
Keita Matsumiya “Shitatari” for hybrid piano (2019)
Cassandra Miller “Philip the Wanderer” Piano and Page Turner (2013)
Cage, “Music for Marcel Duchamp” for prepared piano (1947)
Jonathan Harvey “Tombeau de Messiaen” for piano and tape (1994)
Michael Pisaro “fields have ears (1)” for piano and tape (2008)

After Talk: Reina Nishioka, Keita Matsumiya, Kazuhiro Jo, Daryl Semison

Art&Technology —Resonance between A and T changes the way we see the world—

This symposium will focus on A (art) and T (technology) of STEAM education. In the first half, Mr. Sada Fujioka, representative of anno lab, who produced the “Heterogeneous Museum of Nature and People” in Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture, Mr. Keita Matsumiya, a composer who explores the future of mixed music and the hybridization of instruments; Ms. Sanae Yoshinaga, who studies children’s exploratory behavior through , will provide a topic. The second half will be coordinated by Mr. Hiroo Shimogori of National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College, and we will deepen the discussion on the correspondence between A (art) and T (technology) and how to view the world.

● On-site venue: KATETE / 2-1-23 Hagiwara, Oita City

Click here for the venue


◯ Mr. Sadamu Fujioka
CEO of anno lab Co., Ltd. / Artist
Theme: Technology and art

◯ Mr. Keita Matsumiya
Composer / Lecturer at Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture
Theme: Periphery of Recording and Writing in Music Production

◯ Ms. Sanae Yoshinaga
Vice President, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University / Professor, Graduate School of Human Life Studies
Theme: “Feel, Think, Express” Children’s World

● Coordinator

◯ Mr. Akio Shimogoori

Hakodate National College of Technology Professor

● General moderator

◯Yoshihiko Shimizu

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Oita University / Oita University STEAM Lab.

◯ Opening remarks, purpose explanation (15 minutes)
◯Provide topic of symposium (20 minutes x 3 people)
◯ Break (15 minutes)
◯ Q&A/Discussion (50 minutes)
◯ Summary and closing remarks (10 minutes)

Concert of Electroacoustic Music Vol.4

Electroacoustic Music Concert Vol.4

Date: January 14 (Friday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)
Venue: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Program :
expedition (2022) composition and performance: Karin Tobaru
#001 (2022) composition and performance: Daiki Higa
Albtraum (2022) composition and performance: Ryuji Kaku
Sleeping in the sea (2022) composition and performance: Ichika Haseba
DJ.G☆O☆U☆D☆A (2022) composition and performance: Motoki Matsui
Kuon (2022) composition and performance: Urara Mori
continuo (2022) composition and performance: Miyu Okada
Let’s dance in Chinese town (2022) composition and performance: Yumi Sasaki
May rain (2021) composition and performance: Keita Matsumiya, Drum performance: Ryuji Kaku


Composers exhibition 2021

Date: November 6th (Sat) 16:30 start (15:30 open)
Place: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall
Reservation / Inquiries: Music Department Assistant Room 097-545-8758

«Leucojum» For flute, cello, piano and percussion (2021)
Composer: Ichika Haseba
Flute: Yoto Sakuma Cello: Miyu Okada Percussion: Yamato Tajima Piano: Hiromi Kise

«Goose» For Piano (2021)
Composer: Miyu Okada
Piano: Mori Urara

«Nyon-nyo» for flute, oboe, bassoon, trombone, contrabass (2020)
Composer: Miyu Okada
Flute: Ayuna Nishioka Oboe: Erika Tanaka Bassoon: Nozomi Kawabata Trombone: Remi Takahashi Contrabass: Sayo Yoshihara

«Presto» for Piano (2013)
Composer: Takashi Haga
Piano: Yui Fushiki

«TOYO» For flute, bassoon, piano (2010)
Composer: Hirohiko Tamura
Flute: Asuka Matsui Bassoon: Kana Fujita Piano: Kiyoka Kazama

«Samidare» for snare drums and electronic sound (2021)
Composition / Electronic Sound: Keita Matsumiya
Snare drum: Ryuji Kaku

Born creative Festival 2021 – Electroacoustic music “Waves”

Born creative Festival 2021
Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
Saturday, October 2nd, 11:00~19:00 (enter/exit free)

Keita Matsumiya – Electroacoustic music “Waves”

electronic music room
Venue: Atelier East, Atelier West
Acousmonium (electro-acoustic music performance device) player Tomoya Higaki designed the acoustic space with Michel Bocanowski as the main composer, as well as works by Shohei Amimori, Hideki Umezawa, YOSHI WADA, and others. There are a lot of new works by young artists.

Concert of Electroacoustic Music Vol.3

Date: January 15, 2021 (Friday) 6:00 p.m. start (5:30 p.m. open)
Location: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Music Hall

Programme :
《Sound of bells and spirited away》 Composition / performance: Momo Arimura
《Five》 Composition / Performance: Mai Irie
《Combination》 Composition / Performance: Miyu Fujisaki
《Sigh》 Composition / Performance: Urara Mori
《Beginning》 Composition / Performance: Ichika Haseba
《Somehow there is a taste of poetry》 Composition / Performance: Junichi Kidera
《Stray》 Composition / Performance: Kanon Nishigaki
《Drowning Dream》 Composition / Performance: Itsuki Uchida
《B.A.B.U.N.》 Composition / Performance: Miyu Okada
《Playful Fairy》 Composition / Performance: Yumi Yamamoto
《C’est bon》 Composition / Performance: Yumi Sasaki
《Underwater Bridge》 For hybrid violin Composition: Keita Matsumiya
Performance: Mayumi Kawase

Duo’s Attempt | Saxophone Haruka Inoue ✖︎ Percussion Mariko Nishioka

[Kyoto performance]
January 16, 2021 (Sat) 18:30 start (18:00 open)
Kyoto Art Center 2F Auditorium 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Muromachi-dori Takoyakushi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156
5 minutes walk from Exits 22 and 24 of “Shijo Station” on the Subway Karasuma Line and “Karasuma Station” on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

[Tokyo performance]
January 22, 2021 (Friday) 18:00 start (17:30 opening)
Tokyo Concerts Lab 2-3-18 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051
6 minutes walk from “Waseda Station” on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (from Exits 2 and 3b toward Anahachiman Shrine)
10 minutes walk from “Nishi-Waseda Station” on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line (Exit 2)


・ Luis Naon / ALTO VOLTANGO (2001)
・ Simon Steen-Andersen / Study (1998)
・ Philippe Leroux / AIRS (1992)
・ Astor Piazzolla / History of Tango (1982)
・ Gene Koshinski / Get it! (2011)
・ Keita Matsumiya / dialogos pour saxophone baryton (2010)
・ Kazutomo Yamamoto / “Smiling Density” for Percussion Solo (2017)

Recital of Haruka Inoue 2020

November 19, 2020 (Thursday) 19:00 start (18:30 open)

Higashi Osaka City Cultural Creation Center Jato Harmony Small Hall
Program: Keita Matsumiya (5 pieces “Deviation” for baritone saxophone and guitar),
Gubaidulina (Duo Sonata)
Saint-Saens (Bassoon Sonata)
Myaskovsky (Cello Sonata No. 1) and others

Co-stars: Makiko Yamaguchi (pf), Yoshito Dobashi (gt), Nozomi Sakai (sax)

Tickets: General 3,000 yen, students 2,000 yen