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Dairakudakan Kochuten Butoh Performance “ASURA” 2023, 10/27-10/29

Dance: Naomi Muku, Azusa Fujimoto, Yang Jongye, Yuna Saimon, Mai Taniguchi, Misako Taniguchi, Kenta Sakazume, Keita Arai, Erika Ishii

Supervisor: Akaji Maro
Music: Keita Matsumiya
Stage Director: Kazuhiko Nakahara
Lighting: Genta Iwamura (GLW)
Naoki Kinoshita (Factor)
Sound: Norimasa Ushikawa
Costumes: Mika Tominaga
Advertising photo: Jean Couturier / Arawa Inoue
Advertising art: Taiga Koshiyama
Production: Yoshihiro Kim
Producer: Yoko Niifune
Organizer: Camel Arts Co., Ltd.
Affiliation: NPO Theater Creation Network/Za Koenji
Production cooperation: Dairakudakan
Cooperation: I-NET Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: Dairakudakan 0422-21-4984
Za-Koenji 1
TEL 03-3223-7500
5 minutes walk from JR Koenji Station North Exit

Ticket release date
August 25, 2023 (Friday) 10:00~
Ticket price Preschool children not available
All seats reserved/tax included; advance/same day
General : 4,000 yen
U24: 2,500 yen *Certificate must be presented on the day *Dairakudakan only available

Ticket handling
・TEL 0422-21-4984 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)
●Za/Koenji Ticket Box (closed on Mondays)
・TEL 03-3223-7300 (10:00-18:00)/window (10:00-19:00)
・ (24 days open every day)
* You can also use the theater ticket “Namichike” at Za Koenji.

Tokyo23 3D Sound & Art Festival, 2023/5/12, 5/13

Gregory’s garden
“Tokyo23 3D Sound & Art Festival”
Date: from 12 (Friday) to 13 (Saturday) May 2023

Participating artists:

Guest composer: Stéphane de Gerlando

Composers: Keita Matsumiya, Maay Yamazaki, Yuzu Katane, tomozuin-h, Yoshihiro Kawagoe, Kaori Tsutsui

Artists: Satoshi Mizuno, Ikuko Fukui, Chikako Tachibana (coordinator)
Performers: Masato Morris (bassoon), Kazumi Suzuki (flute), Yuzu Katane (guitar), Kaoru Nishimura (clarinet)

Performers (recording help for the master classes): Takako Imai (flute), Aiki Kitajima (cello), Yoko Ishikawa (harpsichord), Maya Nozaki (flauto traverso), Kaori Tsutsui (recorder, dragon flute), Mikifumi Kuno (lute).

6 speakers are installed in the hall, performers are equipped with micro sensors, and 3D sound art is achieved through a 3D sound program and art festival, a concert in a virtual space where sound can be seen with the naked eye, and a new artistic creation aimed at sound installations on street corners.

Tajimi City Disaster Prevention Radio “From Here”, 2023/4/1-4/30

・Name: Tajimi City Broadcasting System, 60MHz Band Digital Disaster Prevention Administration Radio Equipment
・Rumbling time: April 2023
・Speaker: TOA disaster prevention reflex x 2, right x 2
・Mast: Ace mast green paint
・Antenna: 3-element Yagi
・Control box: OKI Digital
・Identification name: Kouhou Tajimi
・Radio/Frequency: Digital Broadcast System
・Ring time: 18:00 + 3 seconds
・In commemoration of the creation of a 30-minute choral suite set in the city, it will be performed in a music box-style arrangement for a limited time until April 30 for publicity purposes.

ASURA – Dairakudakan

I had a chance to compose a series of electroacoustic music for stage at the spectacle of “ASURA” directed by Naomi Muku in Butoh dance company, Dairakudakan at Kochu-ten. The dancers continued to develop and refine the organization of all scenes under the direction of Muku and supervising of Akaji Maro until the first performance day, and I tried to rearrange the music following the stage production, and the result has become a very satisfactory execution. Every ten days of shows are complete crowd of spectators, and I am pleased to have developed my musical ideas for stage working with such a wonderful group of dancers. Thank you!


From 2015 September 10th to 19th
Dairakudakan Kochuten “Asura” @ Kichijoji, Tokyo

Artistic Direction : Akaji Maro
Choreography, Direction and Stage Art:Naomi Muku

Cast : Naomi Muku, Azusa Fujimoto, Yang Jongye, Oran Ito, Yuna Saimon, Aya Okamoto, Yuka Mita, Sakura Kashiwamura, Mai Taniguchi

Music : Keita Matsumiya, Costume:Mika Tominaga, Stage manager:Naoya Oda, Sound:Atsushi Matsuda, Lighting:Kohei Wakaba, Photo:Kahori Kurihara, Graphic design:Takahiro Ueda

Organisation et Production:Camel Arts (Ltd), Cooperation:481engine

Extract of music.

Photo Copyright ©Kahori Kurihara

Les flots s’élèvent


La porte ouverte

création musicale et poétique

Samedi 20 septembre, Eglise des Billettes

Concert à 18h30, dans l’église

Installation sonore de Keita Matsumiya, Les flots s’élèvent en collaboration avec Hiromi Watanabe dans le cloître à partir de 11h

Entrée libre (participation aux frais)

dans le cadre des Journées européennes du patrimoine

Eglise des Billettes, 24 rue des Archives 75004 Paris

Accès : M1, M11 Hôtel de Ville / Bus 75

Quatre créations musique et poésie, fruit de collaborations entre compositeurs et poètes.

Vincent Trollet / Gabrielle Althen : Revival (soprano, clarinette et violoncelle)

Carlos de Castellarnau / Etel Adnan : Tamalpais (soprano, clarinette et violoncelle et électronique)

Grégoire Lorieux /Lionel Jung-Allégret : L’autre côté du ciel (quatuor vocal et électronique)

Keita Matsumiya : Les flots s’élèvent (électroacoustique)

improvisations avec Irène Lecoq, violon et le poète Zéno Bianu.

avec les instrumentistes et chanteurs de l’Ensemble Regards

direction : Julien Bénéteau

Un projet de l’association Musique et Poésie

une coproduction Musique et Poésie et Ensemble Regards

Ce projet reçoit le soutien de l’Eglise des Billettes

Carlos de Castellarnau reçoit le soutien du Gouvernement de Catalogne