Festival Sonomundo, Paris 2023/11/23, 24, 25

Drawing their strength from a taste for experimentation and sharing, Omar Nicho and Iñaki Bermudez are two young musicians who are complicit and eager to discover all the riches of the combination of the guitar and the saxophone.

Their creativity will be expressed through an escape to Asia and the interpretation of works by Japanese composers of our time: Fuminori Tanada, Tōru Takemitsu and Keita Matsumiya.

This evening putting transcultural dialogue at the center of the program, they also asked Imsu Choi, young composer of South Korean origin in residence, to compose a new musical work for their duo.

Fuminori Tanada : Mysterious morning for saxophone soprano
Imsu Choi : Allure for saxophone and guitare
Tōru Takemitsu : In the woods for guitare
Keita Matsumiya : Déviation for saxophone and guitare

Iñaki Bermudez, saxophone
Omar Nicho, guitare