7/18/2019 Today’s music for piano and marimba

Tsubasa Tanaka : Alchimie Cellulaire for Piano (2017)
Philippe Hurel : LoopsIV for marimba (2005)
Toshi Ichiyanagi : Paganini Personal Marimba and Piano (1982)
Tsubasa Tanaka : Etude in Interval Scale {5,6,7} for Marimba (2013/2019)
Keita Matsumiya : Shitatari for hybrid piano (2019) world premier

Piano Yukiko Miyazaki
Marimba Akiko Shimada
Electronic Keita Matsumiya

Organization : KitaKyusyu Music Association’s 30th Anniversary Festival
Place : Kurosaki Hibishin Hall, Kitakyusyu City

Keita Matsumiya : Shitatari for hybrid piano

This piece, created during the Kitakyushu Music Association’s 30th anniversary concert in July 2019, was produced on April 2018 with a special research fund from the Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture. This work is a continuous study on hybrid instruments that I have practiced from a training in composition at IRCAM and activities at the Ensemble Regards. This mixed music was produced as an orchestration of the murmurs of water, Shitatari , obtained by recording on Oka-jo Castle in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture. It is a live-electronics work which is modulated by a microphone installed in a piano by vibrating a soundboard of this piano using exciters. And also it is a work of chamber music produced by playing the piano and electronics. Through the production of the work, I tried to explore the potential of hybrid instruments, through a desire for musical expression that integrates the advantages of two different forms of writing, instruments and electroacoustics.