Viva Villa 2017

Saturday, 2017 September 30th

Carte Blanche at the Casa de Velázquez

12h-12h30: Presentation of the Casa de Velázquez – Academy of France in Madrid and testimonies of former residents by its director Michel Bertrand

13h30 – 15h: Lunch / meeting with the composers of Casa de Velázquez – Juan Arroyo, Lucas Fagin and Keita Matsumiya
15h – 16h: Casa de Velázquez and Spain / Casa de Velázquez and research
  16h – 17h: Concert by Juan Arroyo, Lucas Fagin and Keita Matsumiya performed by the Tana Quartet
17h – 18h: Casa de Velázquez and the Academy of Fine Arts
18h – 19h: Aperitif with Juan Arroyo and Fabien Houlès, musicologist specialized in music from the 20th century to today.
20h – 21h30: meeting with Benjamin Testa – Resident Casa de Velázquez and Simon Rouby – Resident Villa Medici / The multiple possibilities of the artistic look