2/19/2019 Oita’s music@Heiwa Shinmin Koen Noh Theater

Keita Matsumiya: “Quatuor du sabre” for the Fighting Party (2019) world premier
Yoshihiko Shimizu: “Ryozen Sanchu Takai Tan” (2019) world premier
Yujin Izaino: “Ozai Square” (2019) world premier
Mamoru Fujieda: “Patterns of Plants” for the collection of early instruments No.29 (2019) world premier
Ryohei Kumamoto: “Thinking of Akeno” (2019) world premier

Kawase Mayumi Quartet
Mayumi Kawase (violin), Ryuko Kaida (Violin), Rin Imai (Viola), Tomohiro Tamura (Cello)

“Quatuor du sabres” is a string quartet produced for the Tsurasaki Hachimangu Spring Festival. In Hachimangu Shrine, built after the discovery of the sword of Usa Shrine, a treasure that had been missing for a long time, the so-called “Kenka Festival” has been held for over 360 years since its establishment, and a bear float made of logs Is decorated with treasure swords, samurai leaves, and bells that look like sacred bodies, and you can worship every year in the spring when you slam into your opponent’s floats. The drummer on the float will heat up the performance with the anger without stopping the performance even if the foundation tilts vertically due to a crash. This work was inspired by a drama performed on such a float. I tried to draw this sacred Tsurusaki festival, with stringed bows of stringed instruments that are likened to swords, by players who are paired together in different rhythms, rubbing with bamboo leaves, the sound of bells, and various sounds and sounds inspired by shouts.