International Colloquium France-Japon @CNSMDP

Concert information. French premier of my pieces « Silence, instant, récurrence » for piano and « La glace s’étoile, s’enchaine » for flute and electronics at the Paris Conservatoire Salon Vinteuil February 5, 2016. The Colloquium will be held in the morning at 10 am in the same room. Please Come to see !!!

hall : CNSMDP – Salon Vinteuil
time : February 5, 2016 at 19h

✪ Concert Friday February 5, CNSMDP, Salon Vinteuil, 19:00 ✪

Toru Takemitsu : Les yeux clos
Antoine Ouvrard, piano

Keita Matsumiya : La glace s’étoile, s’enchaine
Takahiro Uchiyama, flute

Susumu Yoshida : Kodama I
You Kyung Kim, violin

Susumu Yoshida : Kodama II
Justine Leroux, piano

Susumu Yoshida : Kodama III
Ludivine Moreau, flute

Justine Leroux, piano
Susumu Yoshida : Kodama IV
Evgeni Novikov, saxophone alto

Florent C. Darras : Chute des êtres du ciel (Première Mondiale)
Annabelle Jarre, harp

Keita Matsumiya : Silence, instant, récurrence
Josquin Otal, piano

Keita Matsumiya : « Silence, instant, récurrence » pour piano
Musician : Josquin Otal

    International Colloquium France-Japan

At the opening of the Meiji era in the late nineteenth century, the training of Japanese musicians was subjected to cultural and political constraints in Western countries. Given a choice between European education, dominated by French and German schools, or teaching influenced by the US, the Japanese musician has sometimes been formed at the peril of their own cultural identity. However, Japanese artists seem to have preserved the ontology of their music while having assimilated some features of Western cultures. Conversely, early in the twentieth century European musicians found in Japanese culture sources of inspiration that could regenerate a musical discourse that seemed to wither between dogmatic struggles and exhaustion of their society. The relationships between Japanese musicians and France in this context are the focus of these first days of studies.
A second conference will be held at the Kunitachi College of Music, on May 2017.

hall : CNSMDP – Salon Vinteuil
time : February 5, 2016 at 10h